Monday, January 2, 2017

TalentZ 2016 - Talent Show by Students of the Faculty

TalentZ 2016 - the talent show organized by the students of the Faculty was held on the 22nd of December 2016, marking the end of their Orientation program. This event provided a platform for aspiring engineering undergraduates to showcase their talents while bonding with each other and working together as one united team.

The show commenced with the arrival of Dr. Akila Subasinghe, Dean of the Faculty, Heads of Departments, Dr. Chamitha de Alwis, Dr. K.M.C. Konthesingha and Dr. M. Mohamed, Prof. U.G.A. Puswewala, senior lecturers and staff members of the Faculty. Following the University Anthem, the “Nelum Kuluna” inspired oil lamp was lit by the invitees, who were warmly welcomed by students.
Prof. Sampath Amarathunge, Vice Chancellor of the University found time to grace the occasion despite his tight schedule and addressed the gathering, expressing his pleasure to witness the creativity and talents of the students of the Faculty. He further elaborated that the Faculty of Engineering is one of his dreams, which was made a reality.

Under disco lights in the beautifully decorated hall, the evening saw some electric performances by students. Everyone had a good laugh watching the dramas and role plays that unfolded on the stage. The hall reverberated with songs both exhilarating and sonorous, capturing the audience and making them feel ecstatic.

Dr. Akila Subasinghe, Dean of the Faculty addressed the gathering and praised the students for putting on a great show that surpassed his expectations. He also mentioned the importance of continuing to work harmoniously to uphold the name of the Faculty, as well as the University.
The evening concluded with one last song that got the audience on their feet cheering and singing along with the performers. Everyone from singers, actors, musicians, announcers, dancers, coordinators and the ones who designed props and decorations were overjoyed to see their enthusiasm and hard work resulting in such a successful show. They also saw this as an opportunity to express their gratitude towards the Faculty and the University.

Article by: Prathap Jayasooriya (Student of the Faculty)
Photos by: Umesha Kumarasiri (Student of the Faculty)