We gather to position students, early-careers, and mid-careers at the forefront of STEM research and provide them with opportunities to further their careers and advance their knowledge in their respective fields with the following expectations:

Improve collaboration

By bringing together researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds, the symposium will facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Networking opportunities

The symposium will provide an opportunity for participants to meet and network with other researchers in their field, which could lead to future collaborations and professional opportunities.

Advancement of the field

By facilitating collaboration and the exchange of ideas, the symposium has the potential to advance the field of engineering as a whole, benefiting all participants and contributing to the growth of the discipline.

Exposure to new ideas

Participants will have the opportunity to hear about and learn from ongoing research in various engineering fields, providing them with exposure to new ideas and perspectives.

Skill development

Attendees can also expect to develop and enhance their skills through presentations, discussions, and other interactive activities.                                                                                                                                              

Promote students' talents

The symposium has provided opportunities for students to explore and express their talents in new and diverse environments while nurturing students’ creativity, confidence, and motivation to create and support avenues for them to grow beyond the bounds of traditional education.


Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Florida International University, USA

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Western University, Canada

Department of Civil Engineering

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka


Director General & Chief Executive Officer

Arthur C. Clark Institute, Sri Lanka


08:00 – 09:00

Registration, Tea/Coffee Break,  and Networking (social gathering)

09:00 – 09:10

Welcome Speech by Dr. Thilaksiri Bandara
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, USJ

09:10 – 09:20

Address by the Guest of Honour
Prof. Upul Subasinghe
Acting Vice Chancellor, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

09:20 – 09:40

Address by the Chief Guest
Snr. Prof. Sampath Amarathunga
Chairman, University Grant Commission

09:40 – 09:50

Invited Speech by Snr. Prof. M. M. Pathmalal
Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, USJ

09:50 – 10:05

Undergraduate Students’ Talent Show

Invited celebrities: Mrs. Sangeetha Weeraratne and Mrs. Udari Perera

10:05 – 10:40

Invited Talk 1: Snr. Prof. Ranjith Dissanayake

10:40 – 11:10

Poster Session 1

11:10 – 11:45

Invited Talk 2: Prof. Jagath Samarabandu 

Title: Artificial Intelligence – From Expert Systems to ChatGPT

11:45 – 12:20

Invited Talk 3: Dr. Arjuna Madanayake

Title: Microelectronics Research for Wireless Communications and Computation

12:20 – 13:20


13:20 – 13:55

Invited Talk 4: Eng. Sanath Panawenna

Title: Nano-Satellites: an Entry-Point of Choice by New-Entrants to the Space Domain

13:55 – 14:30

Invited Talk 5: Prof. S. Witharana 

Title: Holistic & Integrated Energy Planning: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

14:30 – 14:45

Undergraduate Students’ Talent Show

Invited celebrities: Mrs. Sangeetha Weeraratne and Mrs. Udari Perera

14:45 – 15:20

Invited Talk 6: Dr. Sirani M. Perera

Title: A Fast Algorithm to Determine Spacecraft Trajectories

15:20 – 15:50

Tea/Coffee Break and Poster Session 2

15:50 – 16:25

Panel Discussion on “Convergence in Research” Led by Prof. Chaminda Konthesingha

Panelists: Dr. Dhanushka Udayanga, Dr. Bhagya Nathali Silva, Dr. Gaya Jayakodi, and Dr. Surani Tissera

16:25 – 16:40

Closing Remarks by Dr. Nishan Dharmaweera

Invited talks are moderated by Dr. Niranji Satanarachchi and Dr. Nadika Jayasooriya. 

Talent show sessions are moderated by Dr. Shyam Kularathna.

Poster sessions are moderated by Dr. Dulini Yasara Mudunkotuwa.

The event is compered by Ms. Sajini Wickramasinghe and Ms. Ishara Dissanayake.


Digital poster presentations have gained widespread popularity as a means of showcasing work at conferences and symposiums, owing to their interactive nature that allows for engagement with the entire audience. The Symposium on Interlacing Engineering Research poster presentation sessions aim to exhibit the research projects of senior undergraduates, recent graduates, and post-graduates.

• Digital poster displays are required and presenters are encouraged to utilize the provided Template
• Presenters will have a 2-minute window to present their poster to the audience.
• Each presenter will be assigned a number and session (morning or afternoon) for presentation.
• The poster must include the title, author and coauthor names, the institution(s), and sections for “Introduction,” “Methodology,” “Results,” “Conclusions,” and “References.”
• The presenter’s email address should be placed in the lower right corner of the poster.
• Submissions are due by February 23, 2023 and can be made through the Google Form link provided.
• Presenters are mandated to submit an Author Declaration in conjunction with their digital poster presentation.
• The Symposium scientific committee will provide an acceptance letter with the assigned presentation time slot.
• The designated poster presenter must be present during their assigned presentation time slot.

After the poster presentations, the top three posters will be selected and awarded certificates of recognition.


Organizing Committee Members

Scientific Committee

Dr. Thilaksiri Bandara
Dr. Sirani M. Perera
Dr. Niranji Satanarachchi


Dr. Nishan Dharmaweera
Dr. Udaya Wijenayake
Dr. Uditha Wijewardhana

Technical Committee

Dr. Dulini Yasara Mudunkotuwa  
Dr. Shyam Kularathna
Dr. Sameera Samarasekara
Dr. Nadika Jayasooriya
Dr. Vidura Jayasooriya
Ms. Umaya Balagalla

Ms. Chamali Gamage
Mr. Deshan Kalupahana
Ms. Dilani Ranaweera
Mr. Yasun Sampath
Mr. Nimantha Kumara
Ms. Ashmini Udhyani
Ms. Rasanjali Rathnayake