Gold medal

Gold Medal for the Best Graduate in the Department of Computer Engineering

The awards/medals symbolize recognizing the undergraduate’s commitment and dedication to Engineering through his academic program. That encourages the awarded graduated student to thrive in the field continuously. In addition, undergraduates are motivated to achieve higher educational goals with the awareness of such awards. Awardees can definitely flourish in their future in industry or academia with the academic proficiency they achieved
The Faculty of Engineering, University of Sri Jayewardenepura award the “Reverent Balangoda Maithree Thero” medal to the best undergraduate student who has the highest overall GPA in the respective batch across all four departments of the faculty, given that the overall GPA is above 3.8, and the student has no reported disciplinary action against him/her throughout the academic program.
Moreover, outstanding students across each discipline are announced, and medals will be awarded to appreciate their academic excellence during the annual convocation ceremony.
As a degree-awarding department, the Department of Computer Engineering also has decided to award a Gold Medal for the best graduate who has successfully completed the degree program by achieving the highest Overall GPA within the department.

Title of the Award
The award is named the “Gold Medal for the Best Graduate in the Department of Computer Engineering”.

Qualification Criteria

In order to qualify for the gold medal of the department, the graduate should satisfy the below criteria,

  1. Successfully completed the Degree Program within four academic years.
  2. Has obtained an Overall Grade Point Average of 3.70 or above.
  3. Has not repeated in any of the GPA courses.
  4. Has no disciplinary action against the student.

Selection Criteria

  1. The student with the highest OGPA who has fulfilled the above qualification criteria will be selected as the awardee.
  2. If multiple qualifying candidates have the same OGPA, the candidate with the highest number of ‘Outstanding’ grades (A+) will be selected as the awardee.
  3. If multiple qualifying candidates have the same OGPA and the same number of ‘Outstanding’ grades (A+), the candidate who has the highest average mark for all GPA courses would be selected as the awardee.

As a tradition, the name of the company or the person who sponsors the medal will be announced before it is awarded to the recipient. The sponsor of the award will be announced in due course.