About us

Welcome to the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sri Jayawardene. The Department was established along with the other four departments in the Faculty of Engineering in the year 2015. Currently, the Department accommodates three batches of students who are specialized in Computer Engineering and each batch has 30 students. Our first batch of students are expected to graduate in 2021.

The latest knowledge and applications are introduced to the students in Algorithms, Operating Systems, Data Communication and Networking, Security, Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Parallel Computing, and etc.

The Computer Engineering Department offers two minor areas: Data Management and High Performance Computing. An undergraduate student can follow one of the minors in the third and fourth year of the academic program, while selecting relevant courses from a wide range of courses. 

Our laboratories are equipped with modern and latest technology and offer the best practical experience to our students. The department consists of laboratories in Computer Networks, Computer Vision, Data Management, High-Performance Computing, Robotics, and etc.

The knowledge and the skills that students gained during the academic program will open opportunities locally as well as internationally. The computer Engineering undergraduates will be provided with countless opportunities to work in the industry as a Computer Engineer, System Design Engineer, System Architect, Software Engineer, or can continue onto postgraduate studies and research.