Industrial Training

Industrial Training is a compulsory component of the Bachelor of Science of Engineering Honours degree that seeks to provide supervised practical training in the industry within a stipulated period. Such training will provide an opportunity for students to experience real working environment which could not be acquired through formal learning in the classrooms. The exposure to the industry helps the students to upgrade their skills, knowledge and attitudes in the middle of the academic activities in the University.

Industrial training is a mandatory requirement imposed in accreditation and recognition criteria for the practice of engineering by the International engineering alliance (Washington Accord) and the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL).

Students who follow the Bachelor of the Science of Engineering Honours Degree programme should undergo industrial training for a period of 24 weeks of full-time training. Each week of training should be of 40 hours. At present, Industrial training is implemented after conclusion of the End of Semester Examination of semester 6. A total of 06 non-GPA credits will be offered to the students who successfully complete such training and the relevant assessments conducted by the faculty.

At the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Industrial Training is facilitated by the Industrial Training Division which functions under the purview of the Dean of the Faculty.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento