Research Committee of the Faculty of Engineering (RCFE)


Engineering education goes hand in hand with research & development for the betterment of humanity and environment by foreseeing future social, economic and environmental needs and finding sustainable avenues to address them through invention and innovation. The Faculty of Engineering embraces the University vision “Prosper Lives through Education” and intends to enrich it by establishing and functioning of the Research Committee of the Faculty of Engineering (RCFE). At the same time, the Faculty Research Cell aims to create an excellent research lifestyle within the Faculty by encouraging practice-oriented and creative research.


  • Inculcate a research culture within the Faculty.
  • Conduct internationally recognized research in different engineering disciplines.
  • Promote multi-disciplinary research within the Faculty, University and outside.
  • Lead the academia and the industry in promoting a wide range of cutting-edge research.
  • Promote industrial collaborations.
  • Encourage and facilitate researchers to disseminate knowledge nationally and internationally.
  • Enhance the skills of the researchers.
  • Take initiatives to research on issues of national importance and/or national crisis.
  • Attract national and international researchers and research centers to network and share their research experiences and expertise.

Research Committee Composition (maximum 15 members)

  • Chairman (Dean or a person nominated by the Dean).
  • Heads of the Departments.
  • A representative from each Department.*
  • Faculty Deputy/ Senior Assistant/ Assistant Registrar.
  • Faculty Deputy/ Senior Assistant/ Assistant Bursar.
  • Faculty Deputy/ Senior Assistant/ Assistant Librarian.

* The faculty representative should be a permanent academic staff member ranking Senior Lecturer or above.

Research Committee date: 1st Thursday of the Month at 0930hrs


  • Conduct workshops, research forums, seminars and other training programs to establish a research culture in the faculty.
  • Introduce mentoring and coaching programs that links between senior and junior researchers/academics.
  • Conduct yearly scientific sessions of the faculty.
  • Review all the project proposals submitted for university grants according to the instructions given by the research council and submit an approved prioritized list of University grant Applications to the Research Council.
  • Monitor the progress of the University Research Grants.
  • Direct all the correspondence regarding University Grants with recommendations to the Research Council.
  • The faculty representatives at the research council is deemed responsible to communicate all the important decisions taken at the Research Council to the researchers of the faculty.
  • Maintain a database of research conducted by the faculty members.
  • Provide research related legal and ethical advice.
  • Establish and maintain up-to-date a web page dedicated for faculty research.
  • Organize the student research day of the faculty in collaboration with the Research Council.