Notice for Batch 5 Students


Practical Work ME1303, Manual drawings, Cad Drawings and End Semester Examination – Semester 2 – 2019/2020 Batch (Batch 5)


Practical Work of ME1303 Basic Manufacturing Processes course and Hands on experience sessions of ME1304 Engineering drawing course for 2019/2020 Batch (Batch 5) will commence from 31.01.2022 to 05.03.2022 and the End semester Examination/Evaluations for the semester 2 (ME 1303, ME 1304) will be from 06.03.2022 to 11.03.2022. Please find the below mention Practical Schedule, Examination Timetable, and student group list. Please contact the respective Course Coordinator/ Department of Mechanical Engineering– USJ for further details.

Note:     All the students are required bring a clear copy of the Covid – 19 fully     Vaccinated Card.

Download practical schedule>>>