Celebrating Triumphs: University of Sri Jayewardenepura’s Department of Computer Engineering Excels at NBQSA National ICT Awards 2023

In a momentous display of excellence, the students and lecturers of the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura have secured a series of accolades at the prestigious National ICT Awards (NBQSA) 2023. The event, held on October 25th, witnessed the department’s talent and innovation shine as they clinched top honors in various categories.

Ms. Akarshani Amarasihghe, a dedicated lecturer at the department, proved her mettle by clinching not one but two remarkable awards at the event. Her prowess and dedication in the realm of Information and Communication Technology were celebrated as she bagged the Gold Award in the Postgraduate Student Project in the Student Category. Ms. Amarasihghe’s exceptional contribution did not stop there. She was also crowned with the prestigious title of Student Research Project of the Year, a testament to her groundbreaking work in the field.

The students of the Department of Computer Engineering equally distinguished themselves, demonstrating their talent and innovation in the competitive realm of ICT. Their creation, “Nerambum,” a virtual exhibition platform, captured the imagination of the jury and secured a well-deserved Merit Award in the category of Tertiary Student Projects (Technology). The brilliant minds behind this project are Rashmika Silva, Hansi Karunarathna, Isora Dolage, and Kavish Rajakaruna, who have showcased their ingenuity and technical prowess.

This exceptional project was nurtured under the guidance of the esteemed Dr. Udaya Wijenayake and Dr. Krishanthmohan Ratnam, whose mentorship proved invaluable to the team. “Nerambum” not only reflects the students’ dedication but also the department’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence.

The triumphs at the NBQSA National ICT Awards 2023 underscore the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura’s relentless pursuit of academic and technological excellence. These accolades stand as a testament to the commitment, talent, and innovation of both the students and faculty within the department, exemplifying their position at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s ICT landscape.

As the future beckons, one can only anticipate more groundbreaking innovations and accomplishments from this talented community of individuals. Their journey toward technological excellence continues, and the world eagerly watches as they rise to even greater heights.