Industrial Visit – Orel Corporation

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura recently embarked on an exciting journey to Orel Corporation, a leading player in the manufacturing industry. The purpose of our visit was fourfold: to identify potential areas where computer-based automation could be implemented, establish collaborative projects, create final year projects to address industry challenges, and provide consultation to Orel IT for the introduction of automation into their processes.

Firstly, during our visit, we had the opportunity to closely examine Orel Corporation’s operations. We identified several scenarios where computer-based automation could enhance efficiency and productivity. Orel, although not fully automated, showed potential for automation in various stages of their manufacturing processes.

Secondly, we initiated discussions with Orel Corporation to foster collaboration between their industry experts and our engineering faculty. By combining our knowledge and resources, we aim to undertake joint projects that can lead to innovative solutions and advancements in the manufacturing sector.


Thirdly, as part of our visit, we discussed the possibility of creating final year projects for our engineering students that directly address the challenges faced by Orel Corporation. This partnership ensures that our students work on real-world problems, gaining valuable experience while providing practical solutions to the industry.

Lastly, we engaged in consultations with Orel Corporation experts to devise a roadmap for the introduction of automation into their processes. Our faculty is committed to offering technical guidance and support to help Orel Corporation modernize their operations, ultimately increasing their competitiveness in the market.

In conclusion, our visit to Orel Corporation was a fruitful endeavor, paving the way for a meaningful collaboration between our engineering faculty and this industry leader. We are excited about the potential innovations that will arise from this partnership, as well as the valuable learning experiences it will provide for our students. Together, we are working towards a future where automation drives efficiency and growth in the manufacturing industry.