University of Sri Jayewardenepura Partners with Powerline Electric Company to Tackle Waste Management

In a promising collaboration, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and Powerline Electric Company have joined forces to address the pressing issue of waste collection and recycling in Sri Lanka. This partnership, signed on September 19, 2023, marks a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for the nation.

The primary objective of this agreement is to provide innovative solutions to the country’s waste management challenges. Alongside this overarching goal, the collaboration aims to strengthen ties with the industry and offer invaluable hands-on experience to university students through participation in real industry projects.

The signing ceremony took place at the university’s boardroom and was attended by key figures, including Vice Chancellor Senior Professor Pathmalal M. Manage, Dr. Nishan Dharmaweera (acting dean of the Faculty of Engineering), and representatives from Powerline Electric Company, including Chairman Mr. Shehan Jayewardene and executive members.

During the meeting, both parties deliberated on the potential long-term impact of this joint initiative on Sri Lanka, highlighting the importance of academia and industry coming together to find sustainable solutions for the country’s waste management challenges. This partnership not only promises to make a difference in waste management but also offers a unique opportunity for students to learn and contribute to real-world projects, bridging the gap between education and industry. With determination and collaboration, this venture sets a shining example of how academia and industry can work hand-in-hand for the betterment of our environment and society.