About the Department

Civil Engineering specializes in a broad spectrum of engineering aspects, including envisioning, planning, designing, and construction of buildings, highways and bridges, reservoirs, dams and irrigation schemes, power houses and transmission systems, water supply and sewerage schemes, tunnels and underground structures, and so on. The graduates can choose from a wide range of opportunities in industry and consulting practices as well as in research and development, which has both local and global significance. They also would have the option of pursuing an academic career combined with research, innovation, and development work among local and international research communities.

Amongst its many courses, the Department of Civil Engineering offers subjects that cover the key specialization areas in Civil Engineering, such as Structural, Geotechnical, Transportation and Highways, Hydraulic Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, while bestowing an in-depth knowledge in sustainable designs, construction technology, and management as well as surveying. These streams are taught in an intertwined manner so that the students gain a thorough grounding of the diverse subject areas and their cross-applicability, which would enable them to be competent and innovative engineers in whichever specialized area they engage in the future as Civil Engineering professionals.

Department Vision
To create an academic center of excellence which prospers the lives of all fellow beings through the application of Civil Engineering knowledge

Department Mission
To produce a young civil engineering professional who is responsible, skilled, environmentally sensitive and passionate on prospering lives through the application of Civil Engineering knowledge