Highway and Transportation Engineering Laboratory

Transportation leads to the prosperity of the current lifestyle. The interaction among different stakeholders and transport systems are live, dynamic, and yet complex. Transport systems are instrumental in creating many tangible and intangible benefits such as improving accessibility, mobility, and livability. Sometimes transportation systems may create negative impacts such as traffic accidents, air pollution,
congestion and inefficient usage of resources.

Highway and Transportation engineers blend theoretical knowledge and practical experience and create transportation solutions that are human-oriented. The environment in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Sri Jayewardenepura ensures exposure to a learning culture of the above-mentioned transport

Key research areas

  • Optimization of expressway acceleration lane lengths
  • Visual quality of highways and streets
  • Challenges and design requirements for implementing bicycle lanes
  • Transport emissions and sustainability
  • Thermal comfort in the roadside environment
  • Investigating Non-Uniform design speeds in Highway curves
  • Effectiveness of traffic calm strategies
  • Critical gap investigation in Four-way uncontrolled intersections
  • Potential of OD data for predicting travel demands for passenger trips/freight trips

Student activities:

  • Flow coordinated multipoint traffic system
  • Studies on Traffic
  • Studies on Traffic volume
  • Studies on cycling

Non-Academic staff:
Mr. Darshana Adikari (Technical officer)
Mrs. L.K.K. Soysa (Lab attendant)