Structural Testing and Material Engineering Laboratory

Structural Engineering brings a broad range of experimental and computational modeling practices for escalated challenges in the field of civil engineering. In reaching these goals, the Structural Engineering Laboratory plays a vital role in providing extensive support for both undergraduate and postgraduate

Key research areas

  • Fire performance of light-weight structures
  •  Web crippling behavior of cold-formed structures
  • Sustainable and innovative pre-mix designs comprising river sand substitutions
  • Development of self-compacting concrete incorporating alternative fine aggregates
  • Development of light-weight pre-cast concrete panels for partition walls in high-rise buildings
  • Design and development of mortar mix for the restoration of ancient structures

Student activities:

  • Development of Self-Supporting Structures
  • Design of Spaghetti bridges
  • Intra university mix design competition

Non-Academic Staff:
Mr. Darshana Adikari (Technical officer)
Mr. M.T. Guruge (Lab attendant)