Surveying Laboratory

The surveying laboratory is primarily aimed to facilitate students to learn engineering surveying. The laboratory is equipped with equipment for basic surveys such as horizontal control and detailed surveys using theodolites, total stations or GPS survey stations. Also, the department has sufficient number of auto levels for vertical surveys. The lab has several software to plot, process, and analyze survey data. While mainly focusing on basic engineering surveys these equipment and software are also used for conducting research work and survey work for CDP and other assignments. In addition to the above, the department is in the process of acquiring equipment for hydrographic surveys and state-of-the-art instruments such as UAVs and echo sounders to conduct more precise and detailed surveys.

Student activities:

  • Surveying camp

Non-Academic Staff:

Mr. J.R.M.H.K. Jayakody (Technical Officer)

Ms. Erandi Kalanika (Technical Officer)

Mr. M.T. Guruge (Lab attendant)