About the Department

The world is moving towards interdisciplinary avenues and perspectives. Interdisciplinary studies cater for that by aiming to create a multifaceted professional as, to perform appropriately and survive in the world of today, every professional should possess technical skills, as well as language and communication skills, management skills along with skills related to society and the profession.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers courses to the undergraduates providing them with a plethora of competencies that a professional engineer is expected to possess. In line with the above, currently, the department delivers a wide range of core engineering modules such as engineering mathematics, modelling & simulation, and measurements while also offering supplementary courses in the fields of language and communication, management, law and humanities. Further, the undergraduates are also provided with comprehensive knowledge on mathematical and statistical software packages, which are essential for solving practical problems in engineering.

Interdisciplinary studies explore issues and ideas beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines or subject areas in a manner that is innovative, stimulating and informative. One way forward is the development of interdisciplinary collaborations whereby disciplines work together to answer research questions and improve understanding of pressing problems. Interdisciplinary collaboration in graduate research allows for the evolution of ideas and the mixture of characteristics from various disciplines. Accordingly, interdisciplinary research has emerged as a crucial part of the research landscape in recent years as it facilitates novel breakthroughs that may not be possible within the confines of a particular discipline.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies conducts undergraduate and post graduate interdisciplinary research projects. Through engaging in research projects that involve interaction with the Engineering industry, students are exposed to the practical applications of their theoretical knowledge. The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies is moving forward with the aim of developing and enhancing soft skills, managerial skills as well as leadership skills of the engineering undergraduates which will eventually aid them in their career advancement..