About the Department

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies functions as a service department and caters to
all four specializations in which the faculty offers its degrees. This is implemented via
offering courses to the undergraduates that provide them with a plethora of competencies
that a professional engineer is expected to possess.
In line with the above, currently, the department delivers a wide range of core engineering
modules such as engineering mathematics, modelling & simulation, and measurements
while also offering supplementary courses in the fields of communication, management, law
and humanities. Further, the undergraduates are also provided with comprehensive
knowledge on mathematical and statistical software packages, which are essential for
solving practical problems in engineering.
All of the above courses are being offered by the department with the aim of developing and
enhancing soft skills, managerial skills as well as leadership skills of the engineering
undergraduates which will eventually aid them in their career advancement.