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Dr. Shyam Kularathna

Sustainability, Renewable energy systems, Agent-based modeling, Application of decision-making models for human-natural systems through engineering approaches

Dr. Nadika Jayasooriya

Intelligent transportation systems, Traffic engineering and management, Adaptive traffic control, Transportation economics, Public transportation

Research Activities

Develop a Decision Making Model for Optimizing Feeder Vehicle Service for Urban Transport Systems in Developing Countries

Feeder vehicle systems, designed to provide first and last-mile connectivity to passengers, present an opportunity to create a versatile system that can address the diverse needs of both users and operators. Feeder systems (FS) are recognized as an effective and developmental trend in many developed countries, offering the potential to alleviate traffic congestions. However, despite their potential, FS in developing countries have yet to be comprehensively studied. This research aims to fill this gap by proposing a decision support model for optimizing FS in developing countries, considering various constraints environment.

Researcher – H.S.Gayashani

Supervisors – Dr. Nadika Jayasooriya, Dr. Shyam Kularathna

Develop a Decision Support Model for Engineering Analysis of Tank Cascade Systems (TCS) in Sri Lanka

Tank Cascade Systems survived over 2000 years under minimum maintenance, providing the necessary water for agriculture in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. TCSs play an important role in enhancing the climate and the socio-economic resilience in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. In order to support that, proper decisions will have to be made after a detailed analysis. Accordingly, there is a requirement of a proper decision support base model to analyze the TCSs in Sri Lanka. This research is conducted to fulfill that research gap.

Researcher – Gayantha Kodagoda

Supervisors – Dr. Dulini Mudunkotuwa, Dr. Shyam Kularathna, Dr. Nadika Jayasooriya, Prof. Gamini Ranasinghe