Gold Medal Evaluation Criteria

Courses delivered by the IS Department Evaluation Criteria related to real-life, practical application of skills developed through relevant IS courses**  Maximum score allocated
Category I * Mathematics, Computing, Engineering Sciences, Engineering Design and Projects related IS courses Representing the university in national and international level course related competitions (such as Maths Olympiad, Robot competitions, Other Engineering Design competitions etc.) 5%
Journal Papers and Conference papers. 5%
Experience in working in Multi-disciplinary Teams 5%
Category II * Management, Engineering economics and, Law & regulatory environment related IS courses Positions held in recognized student clubs and sports teams during the prescribed period of study in the university

• President

• Executive Committee member

• Captain

• Vice-Captain

Entrepreneurial Skills (Startups, Partnerships, etc.)

National level Recognition of outstanding performance in the field of Engineering (such as Patents, Presidential awards etc.) 4%
Professional ethics related IS courses Additional qualifications on the field of Health and Safety (Such as health and safety related training programs, certificate courses, licenses etc.)

Engineering related community projects in the field of sustainable management of resources.

Engineering related, community awareness improvement initiatives (such as newspaper articles, public educational initiatives etc.)

Completion of any other courses relevant to the lifelong learning of professional Engineers.

National or International level recognitions received for outstanding performance for the interest of general public.

Category III * Communication skills, Humanities and social sciences related IS courses

Representing university in related national & international level competitions (such as public speaking contests, etc.)

Conference presentations / Tech talks in national or international level forums recognized by FoE.

University or National level colors in any sport.

University related CSR activities recognized by the FoE.


*A minimum of 40% of the maximum allocated score is required.

**Activities conducted during the prescribed period of study will be considered.