Lab Facilities

The department aims to provide the students with a broad exposure to applications of Mechanical Engineering through its state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. Their engineering studies are supplemented by their involvement in experiments and projects carried out in our laboratories under the supervision of supportive staff members. The Department of Mechanical Engineering provides equipment and computing infrastructure necessary for creating a conducive learning environment for the effective delivery of its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The laboratories of the department consist of,

•  Thermodynamic Laboratory

•  Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

•  Manufacturing Laboratory / Workshop

•  Metrology Laboratory

•  Automobile Laboratory

•  Applied Mechanics Laboratory

•  Material Testing Laboratory

•  CAD / CAM Laboratory

•  Mechatronic Laboratory

•  Control and Automation Laboratory

Thermodynamic Laboratory

A well-equipped thermodynamics laboratory is available for undergraduates, research students and academic staff with modern laboratory equipment and demonstration apparatuses for carrying out academic laboratory sessions, research experiments and other practical work. This laboratory is equipped with;

  Comprehensive air conditioner trainer

  Closed cup flash tester

  Commercial refrigeration trainer

  Marcet boiler

  Steam power plant trainer

  Thermal conductivity measuring apparatus for liquids and solids

Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

The Fluid Dynamics laboratory provides the students and the academic staff a comprehensive facility to conduct their laboratory sessions, research activities on fluid dynamics and other practical work with the aid of its available laboratory equipment and apparatus. Laboratory is equipped with apparatuses such as;

  Flow measurement apparatus

  Fluid friction in pipes trainer

  Hele-shaw apparatus

  Potential flow apparatus

  Subsonic wind tunnel trainer

  Pump characteristic measuring apparatus

Manufacturing Laboratory / Workshop

Our Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory gives students an opportunity to develop and test their skills in various cutting, milling and moulding techniques. The equipment in the Manufacturing Laboratory is also used for research and project work such as final year projects, individual research projects and other project-based courses. The manufacturing engineering laboratory is well equipped with modern machining tools and equipment such as;

  Centre lathe

  Centre lathe with gap bed

  Universal milling machine

  Shaping machine

  Power hacksaw

  Bending roller

  Bench drill

  Metal cut off saw

  Pedestal grinder

  Bench vises

  Air compressor

  Oxy acetylene welding set

  Arc welding set

  Forklift trolley

  Other tools (such as angle Grinder, hand Drill, Tap and Die set, etc.) required for basic fabrication manufacturing purposes.

Metrology Laboratory

The Metrology Laboratory is one of the core facilities of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The laboratory extends its facilities towards academic and research work in the areas of Precision Engineering. It has many state-of-the-art measuring instruments such as,

  Pressure gauge calibration unit

  Digital weighing scale

  Vernier height gauge

  Spring balance

  Infrared thermometer


  Vernier caliper

  Handheld gas analyser

  Gauge block set

  Sine bar set

  Triple beam balance

  Surface plate

  Dial gauge

  V block 3


Automobile Laboratory

A well-equipped Automobile Laboratory consists of modern laboratory equipment and demonstration apparatuses related to the automobile field creating a prominent learning and research environment in order to carry out laboratory work and research experiments. This laboratory allows students to get hands-on experience on the latest technologies pertaining  to the automobile industry, providing the students an opportunity to apply the theories they have learned in class. A range of laboratory equipment are available in the Automobile Laboratory such as;

  Automobile hybrid engine assembly trainer

  Diesel fuel injection trainer

  Vehicle performance diagnosis unit

  EFI engine trainer

  Alternator trainer model

  Wheel alignment trainer

  Handheld gas analyser

  Gas analyser (petrol)

  Gas analyser (diesel)

  Cutaway models and other essential tools, tool racks forklift trolleys, lifters and so on.


Applied Mechanics Laboratory

The Applied Mechanics Laboratory is also a core facility of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The laboratory facilitates academic and research work in the areas of engineering mechanics, theory of machines and dynamics of mechanical systems. The Applied Mechanics Laboratory is equipped with;

  Centrifugal force apparatus

  Static and dynamic balancing apparatus

  Belt friction apparatus

  Universal vibration unit

  Compound gear Train Kit

  Compound Pendulum

  Cam Analysis Unit

  Incline Plane Apparatus

  Fly Wheel Apparatus

  Polygon of Forces system

  Cutaway models and other necessary auxiliaries.

Material Testing Laboratory

The Materials Testing laboratory employs a range of highly precise and reliable techniques to determine and measure the characteristics of materials. The laboratory is fully equipped with modern equipment and apparatus such as;

  Vernier trust apparatus

  Torsion apparatus

  Deflection of beams apparatus

  Buckling apparatus

  Tensile testing machine



CAD / CAM Laboratory

A state-of-the-art CAD/CAM laboratory is available for the undergraduate students as well as research students in order to perform their laboratory sessions and practical works related to CAD / CAM subjects. The laboratory is well equipped with 30 units of high-performance PCs in which all the necessary software are already installed. This laboratory can be used for CAD, advanced engineering simulations and other high-performance computations that can be useful in student research and project work. The laboratory is equipped with a high-speed local area network and Wi-Fi facilities. The CAM laboratory houses a rapid prototyping device that uses stereolithography technology to deliver high quality 3D models. Currently procurements are underway for the following equipment;

  Wired 3D printer

  3D scanner

  Coordinate measuring machine


Mechatronics Laboratory

The department’s comprehensive mechatronics laboratory is well equipped with modern mechatronic equipment to facilitate their undergraduate and postgraduate projects and research in the field of mechatronics. Modern and quality laboratory equipment, auxiliaries and apparatuses are available to the students, such as;

  Digital oscilloscope

  Function generator

  DC power supply

  Raspberry pi kit

  Soldering workstation


  Photo tachometer

  AC and DC motor trainer unit

Control and Automation Laboratory

The Control and Automation Laboratory consists of equipment that are essential for students to conduct the laboratory sessions provided under their study program and to facilitate their undergraduate projects and research activities. Modern and quality laboratory equipment and auxiliaries are available to the students, such as;

  Digital servo trainer

  Digital oscilloscope

  Function generator

  DC power supply