First ever International patent application (PCT) filed by USJ published

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura has been able to get the first ever International patent application (PCT) filed by the university, published.

The PCT published was for the design of a “Smooth lateral patient transfer apparatus” intended for laterally transferring patients from one horizontal surface to another (bed to trolley or vice-versa). The design has considerably simplified the process of patient transfer, from being a complicated labour intensive task, to one that can be handled by a single operator with minimum effort.

The current most widely used method of patient transfer relies on considerable manpower and physical prowess while being quite an uncomfortable and perhaps even an unsafe experience for a patient in a critical state.  Pre-existing solutions to this problem have called for either power sources, permanently affixed mechanisms or trade-offs with patient comfort.

The novelty of the new design lies in its simplicity with no power sources or complex transfer maneuvers required. This will ensure comfort and safety for both the patient and the operator while making the task of cleaning and maintaining the structure hassle free.

A highlight of this achievement is that the design was co-invented by four senior students of our department, Dileesha Jayathilake, Shashika Gunawardana, Nuwan Jayaweera and Lasini Silva along with three of our senior academic staff members Dr. Thilaksiri Bandara, Dr. Dulini Mudunkotuwa and Dr. Tharaka Bandara.

The idea was conceived by Dileesha Jayathilake, a senior student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, who was spurred into action by witnessing the discomfort his own father experienced when being transferred in a similar manner while undergoing treatments for a serious neurological condition.

Dileesha pictured here with the transfer apparatus along with another student member of the team, Nuwan.

During a critical time in the healthcare sector, it is heartening to see our engineers providing their expertise to improve the efficiency of our colleagues in the medical field, fighting in the frontlines. 

 Senior academic staff members and students of the department pictured here, discussing with two medical doctors regarding the device.


Written by Dinithika Appuhamy on 30th July 2021