About Us

Career Guidance Cell

The Career Guidance Cell for Faculty of Engineering (CGC-FoE) of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura

is  established to support undergraduates in acquiring attributes and soft skills which can assist them in reaching standards matching the potential employer’s requirements. Success in career guidance depends on providing up to date information on training and employment opportunities in the local and international market and providing facilities to enhance employability skills essential to work in the industry. Therefore, CGC-FoE focuses on enhancing students’ “employability skills” who are yet to enter the industry.


To assist students of the Faculty of Engineering in building their competencies and employability skills to meet the workforce requirements in an ever-changing world of work.


  • To provide counselling on service in career education, career guidance & career
  • To provide students with the necessary information to make effective career choices.
  • To provide students with opportunities to meet and contact prospective employers from
    the industry.
  • To initiate student club activities to develop students’ soft skills, such as public speaking,
    leadership, and Teamwork.
  • To promote aesthetic skills among students to enhance work-life balance.