Undergraduate Programmes

The Faculty of Engineering offers a study programme leading to the award of the Degree of the ‘Bachelor of the Science of Engineering’. The Faculty envisages to introduce more study programmes in the form of Post Graduate Diplomas and Degrees and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Extension Courses in the future.

Bachelor of the Science of Engineering

Mission of the Programme

Mission of the undergraduate study programme is to;
Produce engineering graduates who have the knowledge and the aspiration to become competent engineers in a wide range of emerging engineering disciplines within the conventional engineering spheres, by offering a curriculum with flexibility to meet the current and emerging needs of the country and the profession, as acceptable to the global community.

Graduate Profile

The engineering graduates of the Faculty should be able to;

  • Investigate, identify, formulate and analyze complex engineering problems through creative and innovative approach,
  • Apply the principles of engineering science, technology and mathematics in the design of  systems, processes and procedures as solutions to complex engineering problems along with intellectual and life skills within realistic constraints (economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety) and sustainability through creative and innovative approach,
  • Recognize the importance of working as an individual, in teams as well as in multi-disciplinary settings, depending on specific situations in solving complex engineering problems and act accordingly, while maintaining high ethical standards in the practice of engineering,
  • Engage in lifelong learning for continuous professional development and uphold the advancement of engineering with research and scholarship.

Curriculum Framework

Curriculum and the framework of the programme is carefully designed conforming to Washington Accord requirements (International Standard for Engineering Education) and SLQF requirements (National Standard for Degree Programmes) under the category of Bachelor Honours Degrees.

Japura Engineering - Curriculum Framework
Programme Delivery

The degree programme consists of eight (8) semesters of study, of which the first two (2) semesters (first year) will be common to all students.

Selection to Fields of Specialization

The selection of students for the four specializations in engineering (Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering) will commence from the third semester (second year of study). The selection will be based on the individual preference and performance of the student during the first year of study.

In each specialization, ‘Elective’ courses should be selected from baskets of courses subject to fulfilling the prerequisites. However, if a student follows a Faculty approved combination of elective courses, he is entitled to claim a ‘Minor’ specialization in areas such as ‘Biomedical Engineering’, ‘Building Services Engineering’, ‘Environmental Engineering’, ‘Manufacturing Engineering’, ‘Mechatronics Engineering’ and ‘Telecommunication Engineering’. This will not only allow an engineering undergraduate to obtain the knowledge in an additional area of specialization, but also enhance the prospects of securing employment.

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