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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, is the latest addition to the Faculties of Engineering in the state Universities coming under the purview of the University Grants Commission. Established in January 2016, it consists of fi­ve Departments of Study with a mandate to offer study programmes in Engineering, and in particular an undergraduate study programme in Engineering leading to the award of the degree of the ‘Bachelor of the Science of Engineering Honours’.

Welcome to the exciting world of engineering! As you begin your journey in our faculty, know that you are embarking on a path that will challenge you, inspire you, and shape you into a skilled problem-solver and innovator. We are thrilled to have you join our community of passionate and dedicated learners, and we look forward to supporting you as you pursue your academic and career goals. Together, let’s build a future that is fueled by innovation and powered by engineering. Welcome aboard!

The Dean - Faculty of Engineering