Dean’s Message – 47th General Convocation 2021

Dean’s message – 47th General convocation 2021

Today’s Graduation Ceremony marks a historic and momentous occasion in University of Sri
Jayewardenepura history as we graduate our first batch of Engineers, joyously celebrating their
academic success and humbly appreciating the Faculty of Engineering’s effort. As in any Graduation
Ceremony, the grandeur of this day is a celebration of the pinnacle of our graduates’ hardwork,
commitment and dedication of an institutionalized education life of over a decade, and a tribute to the
commitment of their parents, educators and many others who shed silent tears and sweat along the
way, supporting them in this lifetime accomplishment. I consider this as my highest privilege and
pleasure to address such a special group who has worked so tirelessly to produce a country’s best

This batch of graduands are special to our Faculty in many ways. They were our first batch of
engineering undergraduates and the foremost students to bravely shoulder the many hardships of a
budding Faculty with limited resources, yet with unlimited trust and care. Despite all odds – a global
pandemic, rapid changes to the known lifestyle, virtual learning and many other struggles to adjust to
unknowns – they persisted. And today, they become the first batch of “J’pura Engineering Graduands”.
Their legacy will be one of resilience, fortitude and grace.

I take this opportunity to profoundly acknowledge all their efforts and thank the graduands of 2021. It is
with gratitude that I appreciate all those who have been with us, the Faculty of Engineering, on this
adventurous and exciting journey – the academic & non-academic staff, the authorities and
administrators, the supporters and well-wishers, the Industry and the family members. Furthermore, I
also pay my utmost respect and gratitude to all the healthcare personnel and other parties who have
been engaged tirelessly in protecting us all from the unseen dangers during the last few months.
Perhaps we are yet to realise that these are historical moments and that we all are making history, in
our own unique way.

Dear Engineers, congratulations! You are now putting yourselves in the front lines to face challenges and
achieve better in the field of Engineering for the advancement of our nation. It is our hope that you will
direct your efforts to improve our society and lifestyle, being the front-runners to bring us all towards
the latest advancements of engineering and technology. This is not the end; it is rather the beginning of

a new, perhaps even more exciting and unpredictable journey. From the intellect and dedication you
have shown so far, I believe it to be a bright and a promising move. With the power of knowledge and
experience gained at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, I am sure, you will take the lead in driving
our country towards sustainable development. May your professional paths forward be filled with
exploration, joy, and satisfaction as you use your intellectual talents to improve lives and make the
world a healthier and a more sustainable place!

Dr. K.M.C. Konthesingha
Faculty of Engineering.